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eta has mice or moose

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It's Complicated
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I am a PC-holic so I keep many technical books as well as mysteries and science fiction. I keep saying next week we must get organized but it doesn't happen Call out the cats and then enjoy an ice cream Sundae while I hang out here in pitabred You msy see me mousing around in various places. Mister Spock wishes all a Happy New Year from the Starship
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My communities In Yahoo 1 http://cm.my.yahoo.com/Other communities elle's emporium http://ellesemporium.yuku.com/ Lance's LTTE http://letterstotheeditor.yuku.com/ Perry's Vegas http://lasvegasacnmore.yuku.com/directory vern's Authors http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/Authorsinthemaking2/ Wine's Café http://cafemochalatte2.yuku.com/
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Eek the PC is bananas; have a bunch of cookie monsters
Favorite Movies:
I liked the Bronx Zoo I wish I could go to Yellowstone Antarctica ,Japan ,Switzerland Taj Mahal Italy ,Australia ,Denmark ,Rio De Janeiro ,Germany Mongolia (am I an idiot?) today http://www.nytimes.com/learning/general/onthisday/
Favorite Books:
A pooe conductor did not know his bass from his oboe A golf course is named "Fiddler's Elbow" but I did not go on the roof When your bridgc partnrt plsys an ace do not trumpet Is there a saxophone on fifth avenue? Are you drumming it Hungry musicians go for Cello cymbal simon met a pie man stringed instruments give you Harpo Marks
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  Alfred is my heroanonymusteaching a parrot to swear is contributing to the delinquency of a myna1 mouse 2 mice , 1 louse 2 lice , 1 spouse 2 spice?what?  me worry?

yuku nonsense is universal

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